Learning new technology or a skill has become so easy this day, open google, do some research, find out what works. How you know what works for you? By practising things in right way. But, despite of having lots of sources to learn new skills, how many of us take advantage of it? Hardly!

Why? Because we look for teacher. How we define our teacher or guru?

an expert, an enlightened person, or someone who challenges us in a way that makes us look at all of our own limiting beliefs

So each of us look for the teacher or guru outside us. I must say teacher and gurus are powerful and greatest source of learning things quickly. But it is not always possible to reach out or have a guru or a teacher for specific thing we look for.

I think, the most powerful source of wisdom is within us. We just need to look inside us and activate our own inner guru, our own inner teacher so that we can always have someone to guide us in difficult situation.

Trust Yourself! Trust your Instincts.