Today, I would like to take this opportunity and give thanks to all my teachers for playing so important role in shaping my future.
Please know that I recognize your positive influence and moral guidance and it has helped me a lot.

When I failed in my 12th, I started working with Niral Bhandari at a Kinetic showroom, and that is where I got my first lessons of sales! I really thank Niral Bhandari for teaching me how to sell things to your customers! Officially, You are my first boss! 🙂

Then, I completed my Engineering and joined Avinashi Systems and I am amazed to work with Ashvin Savani for so long. Avinashi is the place and Ashvin Sir is the person who taught me everything about technology and programming, I still feel that I am very lucky that I got a boss like him at the start of my engineering career.
I again want to thank you for shaping my career and providing me all the challenges which have helped me immensely. I really, can’t thank you enough sir. 🙏

After I left Avinashi I went to Mumbai and met a wonderful person Dhruv Patel. Learning experience under Dhruv Patel was so great that I still remember his lot of lessons and he helped me to build all the leadership qualities in me. I learned many important soft skills under your guidance. Dhruv, Without your lessons I would have never made the courage to start my own business. Thank you so much, Dhruv. 🙏

Last but most important, I would like to wish teachers of my school and college for teaching me different kind of skills, Without you, I wouldn’t have made it through.

May God bless you all with Stupendous Health, Wealth, and Success.